Magento Developer
  • Name : Devendra Maharjan
  • Education : B.E. Software Engineering
  • Email : devendra@devm.com.np
  • Skype Id : devendra_m
  • Total Years of Experience : 14
I'm a freelancer specialising in Magento - the open-source e-commerce solution. I do all kinds of magento core customizations and develop magento extensions as required.
Magento Portfolio
Integration with google shopping,amazon
Customization of invoice pdf, shipment pdf and creditmemo pdf
Address validation in billing address and shipping address in checkout page using webservice lookup
Magento integration with third party for importing products along with category tree and stocks and add images to products
Adding custom column in the grid and custom form in edit page in admin
Magento integration with third party for synchronizing customer information
Magento integration with third party for exporting invoices,products,orders
Adding custom Shipping method in magento
Scheduled creating of invoices and shipments. Order state,status, whether to create invoices only or shipments only,start date from which orders can be processed, cron expression can be configured in the admin
Customization of promotion rule. Category option is added to the condition so that discount can be set based on categories
Programmatically clearing magento cache,logs and reindexing all
EAV based custom module
Fetch products,orders,customers from remote API and save to another remote API using standalone script
Previous next functionality in order,customer,product,invoice,shipment pages to navigate through previous and next records
Other miscellaneous